Top 5 Apps (IOS) für den effektiven Unterricht beim Instrument lernen.

Top 5 Apps (IOS) for Effective Instrument Learning Lessons.

1. Read sheet music

Do you know the notes but are a bit slow in recognizing and playing the music text?

With this app you can improve your reading skills. 

The app shows you a note and as soon as you play or recognize it correctly, the next one appears.

One grade, four possible answers. do you know the right answer You have 60 seconds to recognize as many notes as possible.

  • Play your real instrument or guess the note names
  • 4 preset difficulty levels
  • Create your own exercises and share them with friends
  • Set the displayed note value (This is for visual purposes only, the game does not take rhythm into account)

Download the app here:

2. Metronome

To play rhythmically, one should use a metronome. 
I recommend this very intuitive and simple metronome app.
You can set here:
  • the pace from slow to fast
  • The note values ​​from fourth to sixteenth
  • Time signature from 3/8 to 6/4 
  • sound
  • Record yourself while the metronome is beating and check that you played the section rhythmically accurately.
  • a tuner is also included, but higher than A=440 is chargeable

Download the app here:

3. Rhythm Coach

This app develops the sense of rhythm through music, metronome and optics at the same time. You can also use it without music. The app offers different rhythm groups, also with breaks.

Download the app here:

4. Tuner

This app fits all instruments that need to be tuned.

With a ringing tone or without, just for looks.

Download the app here:

5. Good Notes

This app is great if you need 5 line music paper. 

Download the app here:

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Liebe Maria, danke für Deine tolle Tipps! Meine SchülerInnen sind total verliebt in die Noten-Lesen-App! Danke für diese wertvolle Entdeckung!😍

Daria Marshinina

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